The Junk Hyenas Diner is now on a temporary hiatus!

The Junk Hyenas Diner was my the bulk of thesis project during my time at The Center for Cartoon Studies in my quest to obtain a Master of Fine Arts degree. That quest is almost at an end after two years of hard work, and as such, I need a break from focusing on the Planet Growl to turn my attention elsewhere– at least, for a little while.

In this month alone I’ll be graduating from school, attending a convention in Maine, saying good-bye to my friends in Vermont, moving back across the country to Arizona, and attending another convention! After all that, I’m planning to finally conclude The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time (which had to be put on hold while I attended school), continue my 151 Pokemon challenge, assemble a book pitch, possibly take in some commissions, work on future merchandise for both Slightly Damned and The Junk Hyenas Diner, and who knows how many other projects!

The story of The Junk Hyenas Diner isn’t over. I’ve got a ton of great ideas I’d love to share and explore with these characters. I just need a breather to finish up some loose ends, explore some possible paths for my future, and to just get my head away from it all so I can come back feeling refreshed. I’m not sure when exactly The Junk Hyenas Diner will resume updating with new material, but for now, let’s just say that it will come back by late September.

Thank you for understanding!