General Information

In the world of The Junk Hyenas Diner, the Milky Way Galaxy is populated by a variety of alien races that all pretty much get along with each other– or at least have worked out some sort of agreement. While members of different species cannot procreate (except some Humans and Mutants), they can and do date, intermarry, and raise children if they want to. Because it’s cute.

Author’s note: This is a pretty fast and loose guide to the aliens in this webcomic. I like taking my time with world building, so things may be added and modified as the story progresses. Just remember that the most rigid canon isn’t these info pages– it’s the comic itself!



Home Planet: Growl

Hundreds of years in the future from our own time, yet long before The Junk Hyenas Diner began… a series of catastrophes created a planet-wide apocalypse that killed most of the life on the small planet of Growl and mutated whatever was left. Miraculously, a civilized race emerged from these conditions: people who are the result of the scrambled genes of Humans and other animals from Earth.  They are not simply anthropomorphic animals; they look a bit weirder than that, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and combinations of animal parts. Mutants who are closely blood related can look quite different from each other (like Lucky and Guff). Many Mutants are disabled. Unless they lack one or both back legs, they are all bipedal.



Home planet: Earth

You know who these people are!



Home planet: Earth

For some reason, Humans are the only race in the galaxy who thought it would be cool to go ahead and make a whole other race of people. And so they did! Wild! Luckily for the Humans, this did not result in a bloody revolution as robots turned upon their creators… although there were some bumps along the way. As Robots have the ability to heavily modify their appearance, they can look pretty much however they want to look. Although Robots as a race originated on Earth, they can be found all over the civilized planets of the Milky Way Galaxy, and can be made on any of these planets. Just like how a Zuurian born on Growl would consider Growl to be their home planet, and not Zuuria.

(This is why no one knows where Bailey might have come from or why they were built!)

As far as the world of this webcomic is concerned, Robots are just another kind of person with the ability to feel, create, and think for themselves. How is all this possible? Er, don’t think about it too hard.



Home planet: Zuuria

Snake-like people who hail from an arid planet covered mostly in deserts. They once engaged in war with the Humans of Earth for economic reasons, but that was a long time ago, so no one really cares as long as everyone gets to enjoy some tasty fallspice pancakes. The native languages of Zuuria just sounds like a bunch of hissing to the untrained ear. Zuurians are omnivorous, but prefer food that do not require a lot of chewing. Although they can get around just fine with their noodle bodies, many Zuurians do have the habit of wrapping around and hitching a ride on legged people they’re close to.

Zuurians come in a variety of different body types, colors, and have many different varieties of scale patterns. None of them have limbs, however, and none of them feel like they’re missing out.



Home planet: Kittam

Quadrupedal, twin-tailed feline-like aliens from a planet very similar to Earth. Although they lack opposable thumbs on their adorable paws (which have retractable claws, so watch out!), the jewel on their foreheads imbues them with telekinetic powers. These powers enable them to pick up, move, and manipulate objects with the average strength and dexterity as a Human using their own hands. Don’t go imagining them squishing people’s brains from within or throwing bullets with deadly force. Also, they are not telepathic; they cannot communicate psychically or read minds.

The jewels on their heads can be circular, triangular, or squarangular, and can be any color of the rainbow. Shape and color have no affect on a Kitar’s telekinetic abilities, whatever some hack fraud New New Age author might tell you. Kitar eerily resemble the housecats of Earth when it comes to their behavior and appearance, including features such as hair length, coat pattern, and tail shape. They come in a wider variety of colors, though.



Home planet: Jimbo

Insectoid aliens from a planet similar to prehistoric Earth: warm and and wet with lots of big plants. They have eight legs: four for walking, two main arms, and two smaller, weaker arms. Getting a hug from a Grom-Grom rules! Besides the large, compound eyes on either side of their heads, the three dots on top of their heads are actually tiny eyes! They have two antennae which are used for used for smelling and expressing emotions. As their facial features don’t change, it can be hard to tell how a Grom-Grom is feeling. In general, they are pretty easygoing and slow to anger.

The carapaces of Grom-Grom come in earth tones such as browns, oranges, and greens. Patterns differ depending on a Grom-Grom’s family history. They are primarily vegetarian and even enjoy eating rotten plant matter.