Where’s The Junk Hyenas Diner already!?

I was busy and I couldn’t find a place to fit it into my work schedule. Here’s the good news: I’ve decided on a concrete date on which updates will resume. The Junk Hyenas Diner will return on February 23rd, and will update twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We have to wait even longer!?

Yeah, sorry. This week I’m going to be working on my #1 priority, Slightly Damned, to ensure its updates occur on schedule. Next week I’ll finally get around to making those Junk Hyena pages I planned oh so many months ago!

What am I going to do until February 23rd!?

Remember when I said I’ve been busy? It’s true! Try checking out my other comics and projects while you wait:
Slightly Damned – A long fantasy comic series about one girl’s wacky afterlife. Romance! Drama! Comedy! Suspense! In full color!
The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time – An Ocarina of Time parody featuring characters from Slightly Damned. You don’t need to know much about either to enjoy reading it. Also in full color!
Night of the Cleaning Lady – A Halloween-themed short story about a mall’s cleaning lady and her weird secret.
I’ve also got a tumblr, a deviantArt, and a Weasyl account that are all packed with illustrations and minicomics of all sorts of different stuff, including Junk Hyenas, Slightly Damned, Pokemon!